is a multi channel compact voice recording and call logging solution for Analog, Digital PBX Extensions, ISDN-2 Basic Rate and ISDN- 30 / T1 Primary Rate. USB devices, cost effective and easy to install These voice recording and call recording systems use USB powered interfaces with standard PC's, offer many features found in the standard CallCatcher and are also one of the most cost effective solutions on the market. Build on very reliable USB call recording hardware interfaces from OptiLogix, the software is easy to install, intuitive and user friendly. Searching, playback and managing the recordings can be done locally on the CallCatcher and over the LAN using the included CallPlayer and CallMonitor client software applications. You will find the recordings you’re looking for . . . . Quickly and Easily.
Technical specifications
Interface specifications
Audio processing
Safety and EMI certification
Mechanical characteristics: Compact USB powered device Operating temperature: 0 ºC to +50 ºC Humidity: 5% to 80% non-condensing Maximum power requirements: +5Vdc (250 mA) from USB port Operating systems supported: All 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Operating Systems Devices per system: Mix of 2 devices, 30 ports in total
Primary Rate interface: E1 (2.048Mbit/s), T1 (1.544Mbit/s) AC impedance / tap: 1100 Ω / 10 m (100 m term.) Basic Rate interface: 4 wire So bus AC impedance / tap: Line Matched / 500 m Digital handset interface: 2 wire bus AC impedance / tap: Line Matched / 500 m Protocols: All major PBX supported (DigitalVox triggering) Analog handset / trunk interface: 2 wire voltage start or line level audio triggering (Vox) DC / AC impedance / tap: Infinite / 3000 Ω / 5000 m Signalling: Ring, voltage, DTMF, FSK Caller ID and voice activity detection
Upstream and downstream receive audio gain: Configurable Frequency response: 300-3400Hz Speech encoding (encrypted local storage): 64 kbit/s A-law or 36 kbit/s proprietary Speech encoding (export): 64 kbit/s WAV, 16 or 8 kbit/s MP3
Safety, emissions, immunity: EN 60950, EN 55022, EN 55024 Compliance: CE, FCC and RoHS2 MTBF: 400.000 hours Warranty: 3 years
•     Easy to install and to configure, intuitive Windows user interface •     Connects to external trunks or internal extensions •     From 4 to 16 channels Analog, Digital or BRI (ISDN-2) •     Fractional or 30 channels PRI (ISDN-30) •     Fractional or 23 channels T1 (North American PRI) •     Encryption and compression (from 33 upto 60 hours per Gbyte) •     Advanced user-management and security •     Powerful search capabilities for local or remote playback and export •     Remote client tools included (CallPlayer, CallMonitor) •     SMDR / CDR client available as an option (CallLink)
Features & Benefits
Recomended for:
Localized applications and as a satellite recorder in multi-site applications. Smaller channel count and portable configurations.