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Can I do Call Recording on every PBX ? Yes, CallCatcher supports every brand of PBX and can be connected on either the trunk side (which is PBX independent) or PBX extension side (with usually proprietary interfaces). I have a VoIP PBX, can I use the CallCatcher ? Yes, if the PBX is connected to ISDN trunk lines you can. This is usually much more cost effective than recording VoIP extensions. In most cases the number of trunk channels is less than the number of extensions. Fractional ISDN-12 or ISDN-20 is that possible ? Indeed that is possible as these fractional PRI lines are basically standard ISDN-30 trunk lines that are channel limited by the Telecoms provider. Can anyone notice that the telephone line is being tapped ? No, it is impossible to notice or measure that the line is being recorded as the CallCatcher does it guaranteed non-intrusively using high-impedance telecom "passive" tap interfaces. Are there any delays or non transparancy caused between the PBX and the PSTN (central office) ? No, as the telephone lines are tapped in parallel, there is no way that delays can be caused or that signalling information is disturbed. Full transparancy is guaranteed ! Will I see dialled number (DDI) and CLI information ? Yes, on Analog, BRI-ISDN, PRI / T1 ISDN and SIP, all signalling is detected and reported in the recordings. If I record on trunk lines, will I see the PBX extension number ? Basically you only will see DDI / CLI information as this is the only information available on the trunk lines. However, PBX extension numbers usually can be extracted from the PBX SMDR / CDR port (RS232 or TCP/IP) and looped back to the CallCatcher voice recorder using the optional CallLink client application.
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